How To Outsmart Solar Construction Issues Through Digitalization

What you will learn?

Constructing a solar plant is a project where quality and efficiency must go hand in hand.
At the same time, you must detect problems early to avoid future performance issues.
And that is where digitalization comes in.

In this webinar, we feature Alinea Solar, a global company with over 16 years of experience managing PV plant development (over 230MW in 2020-2021).

Alinea Solar’s Technical Director, Germán Pinar Sanz, will share his experiences in how digitalizing their solar construction projects became a game-changer:

Germán will talk about how digitalization allowed them to:

  • Improve quality control: spot deviations from design early to prevent cost overruns and changes to the Performance Ratio and, at the same time, avoid future warranty issues and claims
  • Prevent expensive damages: monitor soil slips and drainage issues
  • Reduce overall costs: reduce site visits and on-site quality checks without losing track of construction progress and improve quality control.

Is this webinar for you?

We talk in particular to:

  • Asset Owners


Rugen Heidbuchel

Product & Engineering Manager

Germán Pinar Sanz

Germán Pinar Sanz

Technical Director
Alinea Solar

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